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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FastTrack 4 the Web

Founded in 1989, Investors FastTrack provides

  • The best, daily, dividend-adjusted, historical mutual fund, ETF, and stock data to thousands of investors worldwide.

  • Charting, Ranking, and Analysis techniques that do not lose money.

  • Telephone Support for Investors: 866-295-0166.
    Need a toll tag for San Francisco's Bay Area Fastrak CLICK HERE

  • Software and training to individual investors and money managers.

  • Low cost, daily update subscriptions/prices.

  • Web pages, and custom applications to financial institutions.

The company's strengths include high quality data, simple investment strategies, free technical support, and reliable daily operations.

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Best ING Funds

Stock Charts

Stock Market Quotes and dividend-adjusted Internet charts. Updated daily. Free without registration.

Index Charts

Stock Market Index charts that are free without registration.


Help understanding the installation and use of the Free Trial . These are simple, interactive web pages covering various basic topics.

Free telephone support - call 866-295-0166

Our dedicated staff here in the USA will help you install and learn to use use our products, even during the free trial period. This is a Windows Product but will run on Apple Mac.


Learn investment strategies that

  • Pick the right investments.

  • Trade infrequently (i.e. not day-trading)

  • Improve returns. Reduce risks.

Data for  Charting, Ranking, & Analysis.Best ING Funds

FastTrack offers the best data available anywhere for Best ING Funds, Fidelity, Vanguard, ETFs, and all other funds. FastTrack's FT4Web free software is plush, fully mature, sophisticated investment software. FastTrack's pricing and subscription services. We offer end of day updates for Best ING Funds and all issues. In the mornings, we post corrections to the prior day's data.


You don't need to update every day. When ever you update you will get all recent data and corrections starting from the point of your previous update.

Best ING Funds

For fast analysis, install our data and software on your PC. The data can also be used by most popular investment packages.

Best ING Funds

Download your free 30-day trial.
Call 866-295-0166 for free support and training.


Best ING Funds

Learn to use FT4Web to manage your investments.

Training DVD movies: On these two DVDs, FastTrack Founding Partner, Paul Charbonnet, provides detailed training on each Tab. Get a training session from the successful investor who originated FastTrack  20-years ago. Price $150. Order at  866-295-0166.


Pricing and contracts for paid subscription services

Best ING Funds Trading
Best ING Funds Trading
Best ING Funds Trading

Modeling picks the best funds from Best ING Funds, and other families like Fidelity Mutual Funds, Vanguard Mutual Funds, sector mutual funds,  Exchange traded funds (ETF), or investment grade stocks and bonds.

Technical Indicators

Moving average, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Bollinger bands, ADX, DM, and a unique set of relative strength trading indicators. Third  Party Products with a range of additional abilities.

MetaStock Mutual Fund and Stock Prices

Export FastTrack's Best Best ING Funds Data to Excel, text, and other popular formats.

Best ING Funds
Best ING Funds
International Mutual Funds

Make asset allocations among Best ING Funds, Vanguard domestic funds, international ETFs, Fidelity sector funds,  Exchange traded funds (ETF), or investment grade stocks and bonds. Get high return with minimal risk.

Best ING Funds

Chart and rank dividend-adjusted fund and stock data to find best mutual funds and best stocks.

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